Ipsos Public Affairs

Specialists in the public sector and stakeholder analysis

Ipsos Public Affairs helps public companies and institutions to gain insight into their market. The inquiries are often to describe how the organization is perceived and how it works in the market, but also to provide knowledge of processes within an organization.

We examine attitudes and opinions about public institutions among the public, customers (users) and employees. We analyze and segment markets in order to define the market potential, identify the strategic direction and determine the impact of possible communication approaches.

Changing attitudes and behavior will take perseverance and conviction, why we as consultants have focused on transferring knowledge to our customers. For those customers who want to take greater responsibility in analysis, we develop web-based analysis tools. Through seminars and workshops, we can support the process in both analytical work and strategy.

Quality Barometers of service and communication development, brand analysis together with user and customer satisfaction are examples of surveys we frequently carry out.

Our analysis and our recommendations are built on empirical grounds by quantitative surveys in the form of telephone interviews or questionnaires. Other times we go in depth and collect material for analysis and conclusions in the form of personal interviews and/or group discussions. Often, our studies are a combination of quantitative and qualitative approaches.

We also measure current attitudes to social, economic and environmental issues. 

Contact - Public Affairs

David Ahlin

Business Unit Manager
tel. +46 707 66 80 92